Frequently Asked Questions

Classes are designed for three age groups: junior group (6-9 years old), middle group (10-14 years old), senior group (15 years old and older).
Yes of course. You have the opportunity to study to learn and write in all the age groups.
All lessons are in our native language, Armenian.
At present, by subscribing to the course you are given access to all the subjects of your age group.
In case of monthly subscription, the lessons of the given month are also available in the next month.
The following subjects are included in the courses-letter recognition, Armenian language, Armenian literature, reading, Armenian history, history of Armenian art, church history, Recognize Armenia, as well as national song, dance and painting.
The school was established during the Artsakh war to support families affected by the war. To this end, the school donates all proceeds to the killed or wounded soldiers.

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